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Monday, 21 June 2021

Materials Needed

Tube of choice: I used Laguna - Christmas_deer_yorkie at PFD HERE
Kit of choice: I used kits by PinkParadox Productions (Blue & Gold and Princess Pooch)
Preset Shape Tool: Rectangle shape and Circle shape (comes with PSP)
Plugins: (colordot), Mura's Meister (copies) and Xero (radiance)

Fonts Used
Impact (for the large word) - behind the cute poochie
2 Peas Fat Frog (for the circular text
MA Sexy - super cute script! (for the name)
Fixed_01 (pixel font)


Now let's get started!

New Image - 750 x 750.
Copy and paste your tube of choice onto your canvas.
Resize to your liking, if necessary.

Let's start by activating your circle preset shape tool.
Create on vector
 Line style: solid

Width: 36.00
Anti-Alias: checked
Color: #011b64

On your material palette, make sure the color is in the 'Foreground & Stroke Properties'
And then make the '
Background and Fill Properties' transparent. 
Draw out a circle, that takes up a good part of your canvas.
Objects - Align - Center in canvas.
Right click and covert to a raster layer in the layer palette.
Using your magic wand, click the inside of your circle.
Selections - Modify - Expand by 5
Add a new layer to your layer palette and flood fill it with the color white.
Selections - Contract by 12
Selections - Select None.
Move the white layer beneath the blue layer.
Texture Effects - Blinds
Width: 2, Opacity: 36, Color: same as above
Horizontal and Light from left/top: checked

Add a dropshadow of 0, 0, 50, 5.00, Color: Black

Now, using the color #516cb8, draw a circle a tad bigger than the big blue one.
 Lower it beneath the other layers.
Texture Effects - Blinds
Use the same settings as before, except the color white in the box instead of blue.
Add the same dropshadow as before to this layer, and then the dark blue circle layer.
Hide your tube layer and then: 
Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.
(What you should have now is pictured in the preview below)

Using a gradient of choice, I used one of Tonya's fab gradients, and miss her dearly..
Draw a circle and move it below the other layer.  Covert to raster layer.
Unhide your tube layer, and resize it to a smaller size.
I resized mine by 50%, but depends on what size your main tube is. 
Effects - Plugins - Mura's Meister - Copies
Choose Wallpaper (rotate) in the list 

Change the
Number to 150 (top one) and leave all others as is.
Click OK.
Now you should have a wallpaper layer of your tube, don't panic!
Click on your gradient layer to make it active.
Selections - All, Selections - Float, Selections - Defloat, Selections - Invert
And now hit delete on your wallpaper layer above the gradient layer.
Selections - Select None.
Duplicate the wallpaper layer. 
Click on the bottom wallpaper layer to make it active, Blend Mode: Luminance Legacy
Click on the top wallpaper layer to make it active.  Blend Mode: Screen
Duplicate the Screen wallpaper layer. 
Xero - Radiance - default settings.

Using the preset shape tool, and the darker blue color above #011b64
Draw a rectangle directly above the wallpaper layers and underneath the circle layers.
Selections - All, Selections - Float, Selections - Defloat
Selections - Modify - Expand by 3.00
Add a new layer and lower it beneath the blue rectangle layer.
Floodfill with the gradient you used before, or a different one, up to you!
Adjust - Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise - Random 46%, Monochrome: checked
Add a dropshadow, same as before.
Click on your Luminance Legacy wallpaper layer and duplicate it.
Move it above your dark blue rectangle layer. 
Click on the dark blue rectangle layer.
Selections - All, Selections - Float, Selections - Defloat, Selections - Invert
Click on the wallpaper layer and hit the delete key. 
Lower the opacity to 16
With the 'Impact' font, size 95 and color: white
Type the word 'DROOLER' over all layers. 
Lower the opacity to 12.
Now using the pixel font 'fixed_01', type the words 'Droolers Anonymous' across the top & bottom of rectangle.
Lower the opacity to 38
Preset shape tool, Rectangle Line Style: diamond, width: 2.00
Draw a rectangle using the color white to make the dotted lines at the top and bottom.
You need to make sure the white is at the top, and the bottom of material palette is transparent again, like before.
Lower the opacity to 50

We are almost finished!
Using the 2Peas Fat Frog font, make your circular text around the circle ' Droolers Anonymous
I have a tutorial for circular text if you need it HERE
Using bits and pieces from your kit of choice, add some elements where you want them to finish the tag up.
Use an element or mask on your tag, add a watermark and a name and voila!
I also, of course, add some sparkle cause I'm a sparkle loving girl!

Woohoooo, thank you for following my tutorial.

©sylvie's tutorials
Written June 21, 2021.

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  1. Love your tutorial sylvie
    I will be trying it soon xx


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