Wednesday, 20 May 2020

You Rock My World

Materials Needed: 
Tube of choice - I used Pinuptoons (from CILM) but now available at CDO HERE 
FTU scrap kit - Kristin's portion of Edgy Rocker at Toxic Desirez - download HERE 

 Vix Mask 227: HERE
Vix_CreativeMisfitsMask05 (not supplied)
You can use any mask in it's place if you don't have it!

Plugins: - Jeans
MuRa's Meister - Copies
Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow

Impact - comes with PSP
Bank Gothic Light
Crown Heights (for the name)
Now let's get started!

In your material palette, 'Foreground and Stroke properties
Color: Black 
Background and Fill Properties: transparent

Use your preset shape tool to draw a rectangle
Line Style: Solid
Width: 25
Right click the layer in your layer palette and 'convert to raster layer'.
Now, change the color in your Foreground and Stroke Properties to white.
Open up your material properties by clicking on Foreground and Stroke Properties box.
Make sure texture is clicked. 
Choose 'grid'
Scale: 39
(look for the arrows)

Add a new raster layer and floodfill it with this texture.
Now, do the same again but using the 'old cement' texture.
Lower the opacity on both of these 'texture' layers to 50%.
Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.
Now open up Eye Candy 4000 from your plugins selection.
Glow Width: 3.00 
Soft Corners & Overall Opacity: default settings
Click on the 'color' tab and choose 'Fat' from the list, Click OK
Once again go to the same 'color' tab and then choose 'black halo' from the list. Click OK.

Start by pasting your tube of choice over top of the frame. 
Add dropshadow of choice.
Using a gradient of choice, I made my own using colors #b91d19 and black.
Using your rectangle preset shape tool, draw a rectangle and lower it beneath the frame.
In your layer palette, rename your layers 'tube', 'gradient', 'frame'. 
It will just help with placement of the elements in the next step.

From the scrap kit, open up these next elements, and paste over top of the frame layer:
Guitar - resize by 70%. Paste to the right under tube layer.
Microphone - resize by 25%.  Paste it over top of the guitar layer.
Speaker - resize by 30%.  Paste it on left side of frame (under tube layer).
I pod Mini - Resize by 25%. Paste it over the speaker (over top of tube layer).
Headphones - Resize by 23%.  Paste it over the tube layer.
Crowd Silhouette - Resize by 70%. Paste it under all layers, move to the top of the tag.
Wire - Resize by 60%. Paste to the top left of the tag under the crowd layer. 
Duplicate, Image, Mirror. Image - Flip.
Skull2 - Resize by 20%. Paste it top left over the frame layer.
Notes - Resize by 70%.  Paste it between the gradient and frame layers.
Records and CDs - Resize by 80%. Adjust, Sharpness, Sharp
Move it to the very bottom layer so it's coming out from beneath your tag.

Open up 'silhouette' from the scrap kit, and paste it above the Notes layer. 
Ensure it is just underneath the frame. Do not resize it.
Just cut the excess that you see from beneath the frame.
Change your blend mode to 'Luminance (Legacy)

Duplicate your tube. Resize it by 70%. 
Move it just above your gradient layer. 
Effects - Plugins - MuRa's Meister - Copies
Select Wallpaper (rotate) from the list and change 'Number' to 49.
Leave all other numbers on their default settings.

Now, click on your gradient layer to make it active.
Selections - Select All.
Selections - Float.
Selections - Defloat. 
Selections - Invert. 
Now click on your wallpapered layer again and hit the delete key.
Selections - None.
Duplicate your wallpapered layer.
In the layer palette, change your blend modes to: 
Bottom one: Luminance (Legacy) 
Top one: Screen
Lower the opacity of the bottom one to 74%.
Now, with your rectangle preset shape tool, draw a rectangle color: #b91d19 
It should be right above both of your wallpapered layers and beneath the frame.
Change the blend mode of this layer to 'Overlay' and lower the opacity to 52%.
Then go to Effects - Plugins  - - Jeans
Use the default settings. 

Now, with the Impact Font
Size: 110, Stroke: 0, Anti-Alias: smooth and color: #12d1e7
Type out the word 'ROCK' and place it just above the layers we just finished with.
Make sure it is just beneath the frame layer.
With the ROCK layer is active.
Selections - Select All.
Selections - Float.
Selections - Defloat. 
Selections - Expand by 2
Add a new raster layer and lower it beneath the rock layer.
Floodfill it with white
Selections - None.
Add a dropshadow of choice.
Now, make your ROCK layer active again. 
Effects - Texture Effects - Weave: 

Now using another font of choice (I used Bank Gothic Light); Size: 26
I typed the words You Rock My World .  Add a dropshadow of choice.
Image - Rotate by 90% to the right and place to right side of the tag along the side.
Duplicate the image.  
Image - Mirror. 
 Image - Flip.
Using your rectangle preset shape tool again, draw out a rectangle that comes out from each side of the tag just a bit passed the words you just typed. 
I used the color:  #12d1e7 again.
Add a dropshadow of choice. 
Duplicate it. Image - Flip.
Use the Jeans Plugin, same settings on these rectangles.

Add a mask of choice using a color or gradient from your tag. 
I used Vix mask 227 - color: #b91d19 
And Vix Creative Misfits mask 5 color: #12d1e7 
Add your copyright and add your name.
We are all finished!
Thank you sooooo much for trying out my tutorial.

©sylvie's tutorials.
Written May 20, 2020.

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