Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Prince Charm ♥

Prince Charm
I made this into a 3 piece forum set.
This tutorial is for the main tag only,  though.
You can see the other 2 pieces at the bottom of this tutorial.

Materials Needed: 

Tube - Prince Charm by Vi Nina HERE
PTU Scrap Kit - by Kizzed by Kelz - called Prince Charm HERE
Masks - Mask 6 and Mask 9 from my blog sylly creationz HERE and HERE
Gradient - Tonya's Temptations - Spring 20_12 HERE
Plugins - Mura's Meister - Copies

Fonts Used:
KG Eyes Wide Open - (for the name

My supplies: (wordart i made) - download HERE
Now let's get started!

New image - 750 x 750. 
Paste your tube of choice onto your canvas.  I used frog-1 of Prince Charm.
If using the same one, resize by 40%, and add a dropshadow.

Open element 121, resize by 80% and paste to the right side of the tag, behind tube.
Element 101 - resize by 80% and again paste to right, right in front of grass.
Element 54 - paste it down at the bottom of grassy bits, moving it out to overlap a bit.
Element 24 - paste it over top of the grass down low again.  I added a slight dropshadow to it.
Element 14 - resize by 35% and paste down in at the bottom of grassy bits next to the frog.

Here is an image of what I have so far:

When you are happy with what you have, hide the tube layer and merge the rest together.
Duplicate the merged layer and Image - Mirror
Element 2 - paste it right behind the frog, lowering it level with other grassy bits.
I moved it behind some of the lower front grass and flower. 
Now I shifted the frog a bit to the right to see the flower and butterfly behind it.

Element 6 (lilypad) - No resize. 
Paste it and lower it to the lowest layer, coming out from bottom of the tag.
Duplicate - Image- Mirror.

Element 38 - resize by 50%. (leave it right in the center of the canvas
Effects - Plugins - MuRa's Meister - Copies 
Select 'Encircle' in the list - change the 'Number' to 7.  Don't touch other numbers. Click OK.
Move this behind the 2 frames. 
Element 41 - Image - Flip
(we are flipping it just to prevent the branch from sticking out of the outer edges) 
Effects - Plugins - MuRa's Meister - Copies - same settings
Move it behind all layers.
Element 109 - resize by 25%.  I placed it in 3 places to the right of tag behind frames and flowers.  
Also, added one at the very top.  Just wanted to add some splashes of yellow in there.

Now paste these random elements to your tag from the scrap kit:  
With each of these elements - duplicate them and Image - Mirror to add to the other side.
Element 9, resize by 50%.  paste to the right, coming out from behind the grass, etc
Element 85 - resize by 30%. Move it behind all other layers again coming out from top.
Element 40 - resize by 60%. Move it the very lowest layer so it's coming up from behind grass.

In your material palette, make or add your gradient of choice. 
I am using one of Tonya's, listed above.
Using your square preset shape tool, draw a square and move it beneath a frame.
Right click the layer and 'convert to raster layer'. 
Duplicate it.  Image - Mirror
Duplicate your tube, and place it over the gradient layer under the frame on one side.
Duplicate the layer.  Image  - Mirror
Duplicate the tube layers again and change bottom to Luminance (Legacy) and top to Screen.

These elements I did not duplicate and mirror: 
Element 42 - resize by 60%. Move it to the right of the frog coming out from behind it.
Element 4 - resize by 20%. Add to the front of the tag, next to the frog to the right.
Element 17 - resize by 30%.  Paste it at the top left of the tag over the flowers.
Element 112 - resize by 30%. Paste it on the left hand side of tag, very front, bottom.
Element 13 - resize by 40%.  Paste center and coming up behind the frames. 

Now, open the supply file I provided above, and grab the circular wordart I made.
Or you can make one of your own. 
I made the wordart so you can use the white back and shadow, or remove them.
Your choice.
Once you've pasted it on, use your preset shape tool to add a small heart between words at the top.
It's just to fill in that space a bit.  I used a different shade of green from the tag.

Now you can add your masks
I used 2 of my own from my blog, listed above.
Add sparkles if you desire.  I used some from the kit and some of my own. 
Add your copyright and add your name

We are all finished!
Thank you sooooo much for trying out my tutorial.

©sylvie's tutorials.
Written May 20, 2020.

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