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Naughty or Nice ♥

Naughty or Nice

Materials Needed: 

My frame #02 - download it on my blog sylly creationz - HERE
Tube of choice - I used Elias Chatzoudis (from MPT) but now available at CDO - HERE
(Elias updated the color of the tube when he went independent, after MPT)
Gradient of choice - I used one by Danni made exclusive for Misfits 10th birthday (not provided); but any will do! 
Plugins: - Jeans
Masks: sz005 by Sonja's Sazzy World - HERE and my mask 03 at sylly creationz - HERE
Fonts: Fixed_01 (pixel), MF I Love Glitter (name) & Czesko (naughty or nice?)
Texture: included in supplies by KiwiSuz (thank you so much Suz for permission to use)

Tutorial Supplies - HERE 
(my frame, my simple slat template, screws, suz-bcatexture12019, accents

Open up my frame.  Keep it the size it is. 
Image - Canvas Size - 750 x 750. 
Open up Suz's texture from the supplies and paste it behind the frame.
Trim the excess so you only see it behind the frame.
Adjust - Hue & Saturation - Colorize - Hue: 222, Saturation: 219
Now, paste your tube of choice over top of the frame.
Add a dropshadow to it. 
Vertical: 0, Horizontal: 0, Opacity: 30, Blur: 3.00, Color: Black
Grab the screws from the supplies and paste it over top of the frame.

Now, using your tube, paste it to the left and to the right over top of the texture.
Hide all layers except the 2 tubes for under the frame, and merge visible.
Unhide all layers, and click on the texture layer to make it active.
Selections: Select All, Selections: Float, Selections: Defloat, Selections: Invert
Click on the newly merged layer to make it active, and hit the delete key on your keyboard.
Selections - None.
Duplicate the merged layer.
In your layer palette, change the blend mode on the bottom layer to Luminance: Legacy
And then, change the blend mode to the top one to Screen.
Hide all layers, except the merged layer, the duplicated merged layer and your texture.
Merge Visible, and then duplicate this merged layer.
On the top one (duplicated one) go to Effects - Plugins - - Jeans
Use the default settings. 
Lower the opacity to this layer to 42.
Hide your main tube layer, and merge all other layers together.
Move the frame and tube down some on your canvas to make more room at the top.

Open up my simple slab template in supplies. 
Paste it to the canvas and lower it beneath the merged frame layer.
Make sure it is not showing at the bottom of your frame. 

Selections: Select All, Selections: Float, Selections: Defloat 
Add a new raster layer and floodfill it with your gradient of choice.
 Select None.
Now, paste your tube on each of the slabs, removing the extra bits as you go.
Use the same selection method above to do this. 

Hide all layers, except your tubes and gradients over top of your slabs, merge visible.
Duplicate the layer you just merged and change the blend modes
Bottom to Luminance Legacy, Top to Overlay. 
Merge these layers together again, and go to Effects - Plugins - Jeans - same settings
Click on the original slab template layer that is hidden to make it active.
Selections: Select All, Selections: Float, Selections: Defloat,  Selections: Expand by 3
Add a new raster layer
Floodfill it with your gradient of choice, or a different one altogether. Up to you.
Lower this layer beneath the slab/tube layer. 
Add a dropshadow, same as above
THIS is what you should have now..

Open SC_simpletemplate02 from the supplies. 
Now, just to be sure of the placement, I copied and pasted the slab layer over to the simple template.
You don't have to, but just easier to figure out tube placement.
Paste your tube over top of the pink rectangle layer 3x, use my tag as a guide. 
You want to see the tube between each of the slabs. 
Once your tubes are where you want them, make the pink rectangle layer active.
Selections: Select All, Selections: Float, Selections: Defloat, Selections: Invert
Now click on each tube layer and hit the delete key on the keyboard.
Selections: None
Use your freehand selection tool to delete any excess of the tube , if necessary.
Now click on the long black bottom rectangle and go to 
Effects - Plugins - - Color Dot - use the default settings
Add a dropshadow to all layers, same as above.
Hide the slab layer, and copy merged onto the main tag canvas.
Your tag should now look like this..

Now, open the devils tails and pitchforks accents, and colorize.  
Adjust - Hue & Saturation - Colorize - same color as before.
Paste the tail under your tube, and the pitchfork to the right. I resized the fork by 60%.
Paste the halo top, center.  
We are all angelic, after all, so the halo is the star of the show, no? LOL
Now paste the lips, starblastaccents (bottom right one), fire (2) and handcuffs.
Open up the accents_layered132 and use the bottom left one. 
I pasted it all around from beneath the tag in various places. (2 top, 2 bottom, 2 sides).
Check my tag for my placement of all of these things.
Using the preset shape tool, draw two hearts at the bottom on each side.
I used pink, and i used the raster deform tool to rotate them a bit.

With the Czezko font, and using 2 different colors from your tag, 
type out the words 'Naughty or Nice?' right above the frame. 
Add a white border around it, or gradient glow. 
Dropshadow, same as above.
Using Fixed_01 font, size 6, anti-alias: off, type naughty or nice across the top of the frame.
Now add your masks, I used 2 different ones, one in each color of the tag.
Then, lower it to the lowest layer so it comes out from behind the tag.
Add your copyright, and your name!

We are all finished!
Thank you sooooo much for trying out my tutorial.

©sylvie's tutorials.
Written April 29, 2020.

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