Thursday, 21 May 2020

Just Dance ♥

Materials Needed: 

Tube: FTU tube by Cathy Martin - Find her art HERE
Scrap kit: Taylor Rocks by Bibi's Collection HERE
Texture: heartbokeh011 - saved over the years, but no idea where.
Probably Deviantart, but can't find it now. Use any bokeh texture, they'll all work great!
Masks: FBF Music Mask 3 by Fired by Flamin HERE & my mask07 at sylly creationz HERE
Plugins: Eye Candy 4000

Fonts Used: 
Impact (for the large word) - mine came with PSP!
Bernard MT Condensed (for the word 'JUST')
Anjel Script - one of my faves! (for the name)
Fixed_01 (pixel font)

Now let's get started!

I had someone ask me to do a tutorial on how I do my 'word' banner tags.
So I made this one.  I also made it into a full set.
You can see the avatar and tag to match down below at the bottom of the tutorial.

New Image - 750 x 750. 
Using your Impact font 
Size: 120, Stroke: 0, Anti-Alias: smooth, Color: #007cc9
Type out the word 'DANCE'. 
While still vector, stretch the word out by pulling at the center nodules at each side , as well as top and bottom, pulling it in each direction.
I drew arrows in the image below to show you the nodules I mean.

Once you get the word to your desired size
Objects - Align - Center in Canvas
Then right click the layer in your layer palette and choose 'convert to raster layer'.
Open your texture and paste it  to the left covering the first 3 words.
Duplicate the texture - Image - Mirror
Now it should be covering the whole word. 
Lower these texture layers just above the DANCE word layer.
Open your tube of choice and paste it 3 times over the word.
I chose a closeup on each side, and resized the tube by 70% and pasted in the middle.
Depending on  the tube you are using, do whatever works for you to cover the word.

Once your tubes are exactly where you want them, make your DANCE word layer active.
Selections: Select All
Selections: Float
Selections: Defloat
Selections: Invert
Now, click on the three tubes, one at a time and hit your 'delete' key on each.
And then click on each of the texture layers, and hit your delete key again on those.
Selections: None
Hide all layers, except your 3 tube layers. 
Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.  Change the blend mode to 'Overlay'. 
Unhide the texture layer now.
Again, Layers - Merge - Merge Visible
Now unhide the DANCE word layer. 

Making your original DANCE word layer active: 
Selections: Select All
Selections: Float
Selections: Defloat
Selections: Expand by 6
Add a new raster layer, and floodfill with the color #007cc9
Lower this layer beneath the original DANCE word layer.
Selections: Expand by 3
Once again add a new raster layer, and floodfill with a gradient of choice. 
I made my own using 2 colors from the tube.
Selections: None
Move this gradient layer beneath the BLUE word layer you just made and lowered.
Adjust - Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise 
Random: checked, Noise: 40%, Monochrome: checked
Now click on the BLUE word just above the gradient layer. 
Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds 
Width: 2
Color: white
Opacity: 36
Horizontal: checked
I added a dropshadow on each of those layers, as well as the merged tube layer. 
Effects - Plugins - Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow
Glow Width: 3.00 (leave other numbers as is
Click on the 'Color' tab and choose 'thin' in the list.
Click on the blue color that is already in your material palette. Click OK.

Now, paste your tube onto the canvas, and resize by 70% if using the same one.
Add a dropshadow of choice to it.
Using the 'Bernard' font now, size: 48, same settings as above, type out the word 'Just'.
I also used the same color for it too.
Selections: Select All
Selections: Float
Selections: Defloat
Selections: Expand by 2
Add a new raster layer, and floodfill with the color white.
Lower this layer below the word you just typed so it shows as an outline.
Adjust - Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise - Random - 28% - Monochrome: checked
Add a dropshadow of choice to it.
Now, add a thin gradient glow (of the same color as the font) again, like above.

With each of these elements I pasted on, I have added a slight dropshadow to them: 
Element 17 - resize by 70%. Paste at the top of the word, but lowest layer on the layer palette
Element 13 - no resize. Paste to the left coming out from under the top of the word.
Duplicate - Image - Mirror.  Duplicate once more and move this one underneath, center.
Add noise to all 3 of these, same as before.
Element 1 - resize by 80%.  Paste it to the right, coming out of the top of the letter 'E'
Element 12 - resize by 50%.  Paste it at the bottom of the letter 'D'. 
Element 91 - resize by 40%.  Paste it next to the microphone. 
Element 96 - resize by 65%.  Paste it at the bottom to the right of the tube.
Element 91 - resize by 40%.  Paste it to the right of the microphone, on left side of the tag.
Element 11 - resize by 50%.  Paste it in various areas coming out from behind tag.
Element 39 - resize by 35%.  Paste it coming out from behind tag on left and right & behind open areas of the word DANCE.
Element 40 - no resize. Paste it right under the tube layer.  I cut out a couple of stray sparkles.
Element 43 - no resize.  I cut out the one top left , pasted it back on and resized by 60% over DANCE layer.

Now I used the pixel font to type the words 'Just Dance' across the tag.
I alternated between the colors light blue and white.
And used size 6, making sure that anti-alias is set to 'off'.
That way the font comes out nice and clear when that small.
Using the original DANCE word layer we made back in step 1, 
Selections: Select All
Selections: Float
Selections: Defloat
Selections: Invert
Click on the pixel font layer to make it active, and hit the 'delete' key on your keyboard.
This will remove the excess so it's just within your word.
Lower the opacity to 40.

Now it is time to add your mask. 
I used one from Fire by Flamin, and another by me (both are listed above).
I selected 2 colors from my tag, and used the darker blue for the FBF mask, and teal for mine.
Now add your copyright and your name.
Thank you sooooo much for trying out my tutorial.

©sylvie's tutorials.
Written May 21, 2020

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