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Timeless Beauty ♥

Timeless Beauty 

Materials Needed:
My Tiles Template (in supplies)
My Wordart (also in supplies)
Plugins: David's Blend Filter, Penta.com, Toadies
Tube of choice - I used ©Barbara Jensen - Ooo La La HERE
Gradient of choice - (to match tube or make your own like me using 2 colors )
Fonts of choice - I used Copperplate Gothic Bold, Anjel Script, Clarice Script and Fixed_01
Mask of choice - I used AR315 Mask 040 - Found on Aqua's blog HERE

Download Tutorial Supplies
(my tiles template, wordart, and accents included)

Open my tiles template from supplies.
Press shift key + 'D' key to duplicate it. Close off original.
Expand your canvas by going to Image - Canvas Size - 750 x 750
Go to Selections: Select All, Selections: Float, Selections: Defloat
Floodfill with your gradient of choice using 2 colors that will match your tube.
Selections - None. Do not delete the tile template layer yet.
Now grab your closeup version of your tube (or regular sized tube)
Paste it onto your canvas over top of your gradient layer.
Move it to the far left of the template, placing it where you want it.
Duplicate it - Image - Mirror, so it is now to the right as well. 
Duplicate it one more time and then move it to the middle. 
Click on your tile template layer to make it active and once again
Go to Selections: Select All, Selections: Float, Selections: Defloat, Selections: Invert
Then click on your all 3 of your tube layers one at a time and hit your delete key with each.
Selections None.
Using your Freehand Selection tool, trim off the excess of the tubes that you don't want visible..
Hide all layers except the tube layers - Merge Visible.
Duplicate the tube layer.  
Change the blend mode of the bottom one to Luminance Legacy and the top to overlay.
Screenshots below.
Hide your tile template layer and merge the gradient and tube layers together.

Click on your tile template layer once more to make it active.
Go to Selections: Select All, Selections: Float, Selections: Defloat, Selections: Expand by 7
Add a new raster layer and floodfill it with the color black
Again, Selections: Select All, Selections: Float, Selections: Defloat, Selections: Expand by 3
Now floodfill with your gradient once more.
Selections: None
Adjust: Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise - Random - 40% 
Add a dropshadow: Offset Vertical: 0, Horizontal: 0, Opacity: 30, Blur: 3.00, Color: Black
Now make your black filled layer active . 
Go to Effects, Plugin - penta.com - Color Dot, default settings.
Same dropshadow. 

Now, click on your gradient/tube merged layer to make it active.
Duplicate it - Image - Rotate - Free Rotate - Right: checked - Free: checked by 10.00 - Click OK.
Right click the duplicated layer and select 'Arrange' and 'Send to Bottom'. 
Once again, duplicate the same gradient/tube layer at the top
This time, rotate it to the left, and lower it to the bottom too.
Effects: Plugins - Toadies - What Are You - default settings on each of the 2 bottom layers.
Then Effects: Plugins - Layout Tools - Contrasting Checkers
default settings on each of the 2 bottom layers again.
Adjust - Hue & Saturation - Colorize: H: 13 -  S: 250 on each of them 
(or use a color to match your tube here if you aren't using the same tube)
Merge these 2 bottom layers - and then resize by 90%.

Go to your preset shape tool - choose square 
Change the Line Style to Diamond and change the width to 2.00
Now, hide the Background and Fill Properties by clicking the 'Transparent' button.
And change the Foreground and Stroke Properties to black.

Now, draw a square around one of the corner tiles of the template. 
Using your selection tool, delete the 2 unnecessary sides to the square that overlap.
You now have  a dotted half square.  Duplicate it and Image - Mirror.
Then duplicate that one, and Image - Flip.. Then, once more duplicate it. Image - Mirror.
Hide all of the layers except those four dotted shape layers. 
Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.  Unhide the layers again.
Add a small dropshadow, same as above but changing Opacity to 20 and Blur to 2.00.

Add the full size tube now over top of all layers, placing it where you want it.
Go to your preset shape tool, and draw out a square, color: black, Line style: solid, width: 0
Make it about the same size as the tiled template.
And lower it just on top of the rotated back layers we made earlier.  
Effects - Texture Effects - Weave
Gap Size: 1, Width: 2, Opacity: 1, Weave Color: white, Gap Color: orange, Fill Gaps: checked
Open (from supplies) the 'chromestaroverlay'
 Paste it to each side of your tag 
(beaneath main tube layer)
Open the large orange star - resize by 40%.  Paste it beneath the square layer you just drew.
I duplicated it a few times and moved it to each side to show bits coming out.
Now apply your mask of choice, I used Aqua's linked above in supplies.
Lower it to the very bottom layer.

Paste the 'Timeless' wordart I made to the tag, and resize by 50%.
Add a thin glow of whatever color to match your tag around the wordart.
Using the Anjel Script font, I typed in Beauty in black.
(see my tag for example)
Using the Copperplate Gothic font, I typed the word beauty in square one and square three. Lower the opacity to 24%
Using the 'fixed_01' pixel font, type out the words timeless beauty at the top of your tag.
Make the tile template layer active again..
Go to Selections: Select All, Selections: Float, Selections: Defloat, Selections: Invert
Make your pixel words layer active and hit the delete key. It will delete the excess.
Select None.  
Now make sure this layer is underneath your main tube layer.
Lastly, I added a very small black rectangle at the bottom of the tag.
Mainly just to bring out the wordart some, and used the same penta settings as before.
Add a dropshadow, same as before.

Now the finishing touches!
I added 4 teeny stars
(2 at the top, 2 at the bottom) .
Add your copyright and your name!
For my tag, I used Clarice Script font for the name.
All finished!! Woohoooo!
Thanks so much for following along with my tutorial and giving it a go!

©sylvie's tutorials.
Written April 28, 2020.

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