Wednesday, 15 May 2019

♥ Sexy Girl ♥


What You Will Need: 

Template 37 - by me - sylly creationz HERE
Tube: - I'm using ©Keith Garvey - tube is Alaina - now available HERE
Vix Mask 227 - download HERE
TexturesHERE as well as Suz's texture in my supplies (TY Suz!) ♥
Sparkle Trail
made by Missy/Divine Intentionz, available in my supplies - her blog is HERE
Supplies - download MY SUPPLIES HERE
Font - Blacksword - download HERE
Gradient - Tonya's Temptations - I used BBPurple - HERE

Plugins Used: 
Xero - Fritillary
PhotoEffex - Scanlines

Open up the template - press your Shift key and the 'D' key to duplicate it.
Close out the original.
Delete the layer ©sylly creationz.

Click on the layer 'light purple rectangles' to make it active.
Open 'Vix texture 6'.
Adjust - Hue & Saturation - Colorize
Hue: 185 Saturation: 100
Selections - Select All
Selections - Float, Selections - Defloat
Paste the texture over the selected layer
Selections - Invert, and then hit your delete key.
Selections - None.
Add drop shadow of  0 - 0 - 30 - 3.00.

Now click on 'dark purple rectangle' layer to make it active.
Open up 'Suz Vtexture4' from my supplies and add the same hue & saturation as before.
Add the texture to your 'Materials Palette' so we can fill the layer with it.
Selections - Select All, Selections - Float, Selections - Defloat
Add a new layer right above the active layer, and fill it with your texture.
Selections - None.
Add drop shadow of  0 - 0 - 30 - 3.00.

Now, using your rectangle preset shape tool
Horizontal Radius: 20.00
Vertical Radius: 20.00
(this will make a rounded rectangle instead of pointed)
Draw a rectangle using the color #9265b5 over top of the texture layer we just added.
See the placement of mine on my tag just under the 'purple square/rectangle' layer.
Convert to raster layer.
Effects - Xero - Fritillary
Slide Variation to 15.
Add the same drop shadow as above.

Now open up the tube you are using.
The tube I used has 4 layers (various sizes) but you can use the same size tube on various layers too.
Using 'layer 2' of Garv's tube, paste it over each of the circles.
Hide all layers and merge the two tubes, unhide layers again.
Make the 'purple circles' layer active.
Selections - Select All, Selections - Float, Selections - Defloat
Now make the tubes layer active - Select - Invert and then hit your delete key.
Now, paste your texture over top of the tubes layer and hit your delete key again.
Selections - None.
On the tubes layer, change blend mode to 'Luminance Legacy' and lower the opacity to 66.
Change the blend mode for the texture layer to 'overlay'.
Add the same drop shadow as before to the 'purple circles' layer from the template.
'text: sexy girl circular' layer - change your blend mode to 'overlay' .. Duplicate the text layer.

Now make your 'purple square/rectangles' layer active.
Open up your gradient in your material palette.
Selections - Select All, Selections - Float, Selections - Defloat
Add a new layer and flood fill with the gradient.
Selections - None.
Now paste your tube (I used layer 3), three times over each of the square/rectangles as you want them.
Selections - Select All, Selections - Float, Selections - Defloat again.
Selections - Invert, then hit your delete key.
Selections - None.
For the top and bottom rectangular ones, I used 'luminance' for a blend mode on the tube.
On the square layer, for the tube I duplicated the tube,
and then used 'Luminance (legacy)' for the bottom tube layer
and then 'screen' blend mode for the top tube layer.
Hide all your layers except the tube and gradient ones - Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.
Effects - PhotoEffex - Scanlines - Original Settings
Lower the opacity for the layer 'text: pixel' to your liking.
Add drop shadow to the 'dotted square' layer.
Then add drop shadow to your merged layers and the 'dotted square/rectangles'
There is already a drop shadow on the 'gradient square/rectangles' layer.

Almost done!!
In the supplies zip, open up 'Accents layered 132' - resize 80%
I cut out the right side one and colored it with same hue & saturation settings above.
Paste it onto your canvas, and put it at each corner of your tag, then lower your layer to the very bottom just above the 'circles back' layer.  No drop shadow.

Then open up 'heartdiamond' accent and paste it on each of the circular layers.
No drop shadow.

Then open up 'sparkletrailbymissy'
And paste it over right under the square/rectangle layers,
so it shows corner to corner.

Add sparkles of choice over the top of your tag.
Open up your mask, and using color #9265b5, add your mask to very bottom layer of your tag.
Add your watermark/copyright to the tag.
Add your name and we're finished!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for trying my tutorial.
Hugs, sylvie

Just a preview of the  rest of the set I made to match the tag..

tutorial ©sylvie's tutorials
written May 16, 2019

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