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Tutorial Supplies:

Tube: 'Christmas Dog' by ©Kajenna - available HERE
Scrap Kit: 'Christmas Love' by PinkParadox Productions - available HERE
Plugins: MuRa's Meister - Copies, VDL Adrenaline - Snowflakes and Eye Candy 4000
Font: KG Beneath Your Beautiful - Chunk HERE
Wordart: Made by Suz for Creative Misfits - In supplies with permission from Suz.
(Thank you so much Suz ♥♥ )
Mask: Made by me, download in supplies


Remember to save often throughout the tutorial.
I made it a forum set, rest of the set is at the bottom!
Let's get started!

Open a new image - 700 x 700.
If using the Kajenna tube, paste to canvas and resize by 30%.
(or paste tube of choice)
Add drop shadow - 0, 0, 30, 3.00.

Open 'element 103' from the scrap kit, resize by 60%.
Paste to your canvas, and then go to:
Effects - MuRa's Meister - Copies
Choose Encircle in the list and change the number to 7.
Click Ok.
Dropshadow 0,0, 20, 2.00.

Now you should have a wreath that looks like this.

Now we are going to add snow and sparkles.
With your wreath layer active go to
Selections - Select All
Selections - Float
Selections - Defloat
Your wreath now has marching ants around it.
Go to your Snowflakes Plugin
Effects - VDL Adrenaline - Snowflakes
Using these settings:

Selections None.
Now, choose sparkles from your kit, element 118 - resize 58%.
Paste the sparkles over one side of your wreath.
Making your wreath layer active again
Selections - Select All
Selections - Float
Selections - Defloat
Selections - Invert
Now make your sparkles layer active and hit the delete key
It should delete all of the extra sparkles around the wreath.
Selections - None
Right click the sparkles layer and choose duplicate.
Image - Mirror.

Now you have a wreath full of snow and sparkles.
Let's get on with the rest of the tag now.

Open 'element 97' (the holly) and resize by 60%.
Effects - MuRa's Meister - Copies - Same settings as before.
Add a dropshadow of 0,0, 30, 3.00.
Add snow via the same method used above, same settings too.

Now open 'element 92' and resize by 90%.
Paste it behind the  holly layer so the red flower is coming out from behind it.
Dropshadow 0,0, 20, 2.00.
And then open 'element 87', resize by 25% and then paste it so it comes out behind the red flower
petal at the top part of your tag on each side.
Dropshadow 0,0, 20, 2.00.
Net open 'element 95' and resize it by 20%, and paste it coming out from behind the white
flowers on each side.
Dropshadow 0,0, 20, 2.00.
Now, grab your 'element 100' and resize by 30%.
Paste just above the holly circle layer and move so it comes out from behind the tube.
Dropshadow 0,0, 20, 2.00.
(see my tag for reference above)
Image - Mirror
Right click the layer now and duplicate.
Image - Rotate by 90% to the left.
Move to the top coming out from behind the golden berries , then Image - Mirror again.
Now you should have two coming out from top as well as on each side.
Lastly, grab 'element 109' and resize it by 50%.
Paste to your canvas and using your Freehand Selection Tool
Draw around the end of the left side of the ribbon (just the part that sticks up)
Hit your delete key.
Selections - None.
Now, use MuRa's Meister - Copies again, same settings.
Move it so it's coming from behind the flowers on each side.
Add a dropshadow of 0, 0, 30, 3.00.

Now it's snow time.
The tube I used already came with somewhat of a snowy layer to it, which I add to.
Open 'element 79' and resize it by 65%.
Paste it so it is behind all layers and is at the bottom of your tag.
Now open 'element 80' and resize by 67%
Paste it just over the other snowy layer so it's just above it to fill it in more.
No dropshadow on any of the snow layers.

Now open 'element 96' and resize it by 60%.
Move it to the left coming out from just behind your tube.
Dropshadow 0,0, 20, 2.00.
Right click the layer and duplicate it.
Then Image - Mirror.

'Element 99' - resize by 20% and paste behind the flowers but over the ribbon.
I pasted mine coming out once from top and then each side of the tag.

Now it's time to copy and paste the elements you want to use from the kit.  Use any you want!
Resize them to your liking and give them the same drop shadow 0,0,20,2.00.
Here are the elements I used: Use my tag for reference if you like.
Elements 18, 23, 26, 33, 39, 43, 61, 64, 84, 93, 100, 102 & 111.
Also, I used a layer from the tube, the green gift, as an extra element.

Time to use a mask. I have supplied my mask in the supplies.
In Material Palette, color #e2021b.
New image 550 x 550 - apply mask, then copy & paste to your canvas.
If you do not know how to add a mask to your tag,  I have a tutorial HERE.
I duplicated the mask 3 more times and placed them coming out from each side of the tag.

I used the 'KG Beneath Your Beautiful' font for the name.
Add your copyright information.
All finished!

Here is the rest of the forum set to match ♥

Tutorial by ©sylvie's tutorials.
Thank you so much for trying my tutorial.
Posted November 27, 2016.

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