Wednesday, 26 October 2016

PTU Tutorial - My Love ♥


Tutorial Supplies:

Scrap Kit: Vintage Elegance by PinkParadox Productions - available HERE
Mask: Floral Masks by Dee at Dangerously Delicious Designz - available HERE
Plugins used: Xero

Remember to save often throughout the tutorial.
I made it a forum set, rest of the set is at the bottom!
Let's get started!

Open a new image - 700 x 700.
If using the Kajenna tube, paste to canvas and resize by 30%.
(or paste tube of choice)
Add drop shadow - 0, 0, 30, 3.00.

Open 'frame 8' from the scrap kit, resize by 60%.
Paste just behind the tube.
Adjust - Sharpen.
Image - Rotate to the right - 90 degrees.
Open 'paper 26' and resize by 56%.
Copy and paste onto your canvas just under the frame.
Now open 'paper 33', and resize it also.
Paste it between the previous paper and the frame layers.
Click on your frame layer to make it active.
Using your magic wand tool, click on the inside of the frame.
(You should now see marching ants along the inside of the frame.)
Selections - Modify - Expand by 10
Selections - Invert
Click on your bottom paper layer (paper 33) and hit the delete key.
Selections - Modify - Contract by 20%.
Now click on the top paper layer (paper 26), and hit your delete key again.
Selections - Select None.
Now add a dropshadow to your frame - 0, 0, 30, 3.00.

Make the top paper layer active.
Effects - Plugins - Xero - Fritillary
Add a drop shadow - 0, 0, 30, 3.00.

You should now have something that resembles this:

Open 'Element 159' from your scrap kit, a spray of hearts.
Paste it over the bottom paper layer (under the fritillary layer).
Resize 70%.
Using your freehand selection tool, cut the hearts layer from outside the frame layer.
(You will be left with just the hearts over top of your paper.)
Change your blend mode to 'Overlay'.
Now, duplicate the hearts layer 9 more times.
Hide all of the layers (except the hearts layers and that one paper)
Ensure the paper layer is active.
Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.
Unhide the other layers now.

You should now have a paper that looks like this:

Using your pixel font, color: #f46fa2, type the words 'Love You'.
See my tag, it should be one under the other, just behind the tube.
Using the font 'KG Seven Sixteen', type the words love you in the top right corner.
Duplicate it, Image - Rotate 90 degrees to the right and bring it down the right hand side.
Now lower the opacity to 94% and change the blend mode to 'Screen' for both of them.
Open 'Element 155' (the diamonds) - resize by 40%.
Paste it behind the tube as well.

Open 'Element 150' (bow) and resize it by 45%.
Paste it on the top left corner of the frame.
Now open 'Element 61' (pink bow with key) and resize it by 25%.
Paste it over top of the previous bow.
Add drop shadow to both - 0, 0, 20, 2.00.

It's time to copy and paste the elements you want to use from the kit.
Resize them to your liking and give them the same drop shadow as the bows.
Here are the elements I used: Use my tag for reference if you like.
Elements 161, 154, 143, 137, 135, 134, 132, 131, 128, 127, 121, 77, 75 &69.
Also, I used the flowers from the tube in various places too.

Time to add the mask now. Color #f46fa2.
New image 550 x 550 - apply mask, then copy & paste to canvas.
If you do not know how to add a mask to your tag,  I have a tutorial HERE.
I duplicated the mask 2 more times and placed one coming out center from the top,
one from the right side and then one from the left.

I used the 'Good Morning' font for the name.
Add your copyright information.
All finished!

Here is the rest of the forum set to match ♥

Tutorial by ©sylvie's tutorials.
Thank you so much for trying my tutorial.
Posted October 26, 2016.

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